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What do we do?

VR Games and Apps from scratch

Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Daydream - we create applications for all these virtual reality headsets. You can use Oculus Store, Steam, or any other distribution platform. This service gives you a distributable package and source code with all the rights to resell, modify, or use for any other purposes.

Research and Prototyping

If you're not sure about your idea, or just would like to create a quick demo for yourself or potential investors, don't waste your time preparing detailed documentation. Let us show you how it feels live working on your headset or do a quick reaserch into what is possible and give you ready answears.


If you just want to talk or figure out the first steps towards making your idea a reality, we can help you create your development plan, documentation, or any other work needed to get started. Don't lose valuable time just because you think you don't have enough experience.

our clients

{ Handcrafted }


Daniel Dudek

Co-founder, CTO

Helping people to create their apps taught me that little things added on top of just solving the problem makes it a piece of art that end users will love (and more likely to pay for it too!). Let's do it!

Marcin Łępicki

Co-founder, CEO

Years of work in IT industry taught me that clean design, maintainable codebase and simplicity are key points to success for every software project, no matter if that's your first MVP or enterprise size application. Your app could be next!

Łukasz Stypułkowski

Business Development Manager

When it comes to staying in touch with our partners and friends, it always offers a chance to talk about new and exciting ideas. Just call me whenever you need to talk!

Technical team

Developers, Designers, Testers

The strength of every company lies in its team. Supporting local events and meetups keeps us better connected with the experts in the industry. Our Android, iOS, and VR teams, along with designers and testers, now consist of a total of 15 talented people.

Do you have
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Let's talk about it, you won't know until you try

Daniel Dudek

Phone: +48 503 989 772

Skype: daniel.codingfingers


Marcin Łępicki

Phone: +48 503 917 201

Skype: marcinlepicki



Send us a message using this form, or an email at
We will get straight back to you, talk about your project and the ways we can help you.

The message will be sent directly to the co-founders of Handcrafted VR - Marcin and Daniel. We will reach out to you to talk about your ideas and how we can help you.

You do not have to put much information here. If you do, we can think it through and get back to you with ready answers. Information such as a general description of the app, targeted platforms and estimated budget are welcome.

Please be assured that we response your privacy and this information will not be disclosed to any third party.